Ashley BraunAshley Braun is a Seattle-based freelance science and environmental journalist, who is particularly fascinated by topics such as ecology, climate change, conservation, and wildlife.

She works as managing editor for the climate and energy politics and policy news site DeSmog and is a contributing science writer for Natural History Magazine, covering up-and-coming research findings for the Samplings section.

Her work has appeared in The AtlanticSlate, ScienceScientific AmericanDiscover Magazine, Popular Science, Hakai Magazine, MediumEarth Touch NewsGrist.org, and OnEarth.org. In addition, she also employs her keen eye and attention to detail as a fact-checker for Discover Magazine and other publications.

She formerly worked as an editor and writer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and even longer ago, she juggled a variety of responsibilities at irreverent environmental news site Grist.org, which included writing, editing, news production, social media, and pun writing.

In September 2017, Ashley met with multiple First Nations, spied humpbacks bubble net feeding, and hung with grizzlies in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, as part of an environmental reporting fellowship through the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources (IJNR). In May 2011, she ventured around Lake Ontario with other environmental journalists on IJNR’s Great Waters Institute.

During April and May 2010 she toured Bolivia with a travel fellowship for young professionals, through the Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange program. This included attending and reporting on an alternative international climate summit in Cochabamba on Earth Day 2010.

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Photo credit: Lindsay Thomas Photos